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CV preparation - Project Managers Resume

Preparing The Project CV

business articlesThe project resume needs to be written in a slightly different format to the Chronological CV.  The important parts of this resume are the projects themselves.  It is understood that as a Project Manager, you would already have the skills required for the position, and therefore mentioning a list of duties is not very relevant.

However the projects themselves need to be mentioned and these should include some facts:

  • The name of the project

  • The company name

  • Your position

  • Dates of the project (or duration)

  • Location

  • Value of the project

  • A brief description of the project

The project description should be brief, one paragraph preferably.  Followed immediately by a brief description of your role within this project.  Again this should be about a paragraph in length and written in a way that shows your level of responsibility.  If writing this in paragraph form proves to be difficult, then use point form, keeping each point as brief as possible (two lines at the most).

If you have any achievements, then make sure you mention them also.  Highlighting the relevance to the project and the impact of your achievements.  Use phrases like "resulted in a savings of $100,000", "project was completed 1 month earlier than set deadlines".

Projects should follow a chronological order, beginning with the most current.  The only exception to this rule would be if your most recent projects are not relevant to the position you are applying for.  In that case start by mentioning the relevant projects first.  It is best to use durations instead of dates here in order to avoid confusion to the reader.

The remainder of the CV should include your personal details (name, address, telephone number), your skills, education and training, just like in the chronological resume.

Ensure your job application letter highlights your relevant experience to the job you applying for.  Use samples throughout your application letter demonstrating where you have handled similar positions, levels of responsibility or projects of similar nature.  Depending on what you have to offer.  

As a project manager you need to demonstrate your ability to handle the team, outside contractors, deadlines, and budgets.  Your resume / CV as well as your application letter needs to demonstrate this.

If you are applying for project manager position, but don't have the experience, then you need to create your resume in a way that will read as if you have.  In other words, you need to highlight any projects that you might have been involved in.  Use the same structure as mentioned above.  Highlight the project, duration, budget and your involvement in the project itself.  It is very important to highlight your own special achievements in each project.  If done correctly the reader will be able to see that you have experience in handling projects.

Following is a sample of how to present each project in your resume:


Dec. 1999 - Feb 2001



ABC Limited


Project Team Leader

Contract Value:

$15.0 million


New View Housing Estate
Project involved the planning and construction of a new Housing Estate, from design to completion. As Team Leader, responsibilities included sourcing of materials, management of contractors, coordination of workflow, ensuring budgets and milestones are maintained.  Team included up to 125 contractors and 450 labourers.

 You can present the information in any way you want, however ensure that all the main areas are covered.

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