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The Graduates CV

business articlesTo successfully sell yourself to a prospective employer, as a graduate, you need to show him your strengths and minimise your weaker points.  The way to do this successfully is to emphasise on your studies and the relevant experience you have.

At this stage of your career, it is probable that your recent graduate studies are your biggest selling point and therefore they need to be at the forefront of the CV,  The CV should be formatted in a way so that straight after your personal details and the career statement, your education is listed.

The order in which you list your subjects is very important.  Subjects that are relevant to the position you are applying for should be listed first, highlight any special marks or achievements in each subject.  Thesis and papers written should also be mentioned just as you would with any achievements.

If you have failed or not completed any subjects, do not mention these, if need be they can be mentioned at the interview. 

The CV should also mention any work experience (paid or not paid) that you have.  Start by listing the most relevant work first and work your way through others.  Even if your work history is not related to Engineering, mention these as well.

Employers like to know what you are capable of, and even if you were paying your way through College by cooking at the local diner, the fact that you held a responsible position and have some skills becomes relevant.  The key here is to try and turn your skills around and demonstrate how they are valuable to the new job.  Don't expect the employer to see the relevance here, it is up to you to highlight them.

For example let's say you worked at the local video store, not very relevant to Engineering right? Wrong, it is how you present the information that makes all the difference. 

Mentioning things like "customer service", "inventory control", "working under stressful conditions" or even "maintaining accurate records" can take on a new meaning when applied to the Engineering profession. 

What you want to achieve with this graduate CV style, is to demonstrate that you have the qualifications, some relevant experience and most importantly the right attitude. 

Throughout the CV you should be displaying an eagerness to learn and a high degree of motivation.  This is what a prospective employer will be looking for.  Someone that is willing to learn, study further and adapt easily.

When applying for a position, ensure you have a good application letter, written specifically for the position and highlighting your qualification and most importantly the right attitude.  The same applies with the interview, you need to demonstrate these skills and an enthusiastic attitude, that will get you the job!


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